Update on the Café fire

The Gunnersbury team are adding regular posts on Twitter @Gunnersbury1 so do check these for up-to-date information. Today, they have said “We are now sending the salvaged carriages off to a safe store. We are also building a protective hoarding around the café. Until this is completed we are unable to open safely, so the park will remain closed until further notice.” Amy Dobson, Assistant Curator, had already prepared a short film about the Rothschild carriages. Below are some of the photos the Gunnersbury team have posted, showing the scale of the fire early yesterday 29.05.20.

Looking East across the Round Pond early 29.05.20


The vehicles rescued from the fire 29.05.20


One of the carriages ready to go to specialist storage 30.05.20


The east side of the cafe where the carriages were displayed