Unearthing our First World War Heritage

The Museum is looking for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to help with its new First World War project. This will provide an unusual opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in work in museums and heritage.

The Education Department at Gunnersbury Park Museum is recruiting volunteers to help with an arts-based project exploring local First World War heritage. Volunteers will participate in a range of activities, such as

• going ‘behind the scenes’ at the museum and viewing objects from the collections
• visiting local archives to view original historic documents and carry out research
• assisting with the preparation and delivery of art activities for children and young people
• developing transferable work skills, such as communication and teamwork
• gaining experience working alongside museum professionals, and
• enjoying the sharing of ideas and working with other people with similar interests.

The project will best suit people with an interest in history and/or the creative arts between June and September 2014. Travel expenses will be covered. If you would like to apply please contact Lisa d’Agostino at the Museum on lisa.d’agostino@carillionservices.co.uk or on 020 8992 2247, indicating your availability for volunteering during this period.