The Sports Hub

Hounslow’s Planning Committee gave its approval to the Sports Hub at its meeting on Thursday 14th January, subject to certain conditions. One significant one is that the Chair of the committee will have to approve the colour of the materials, so there is just the possibility that the upper floor of the building will not be painted black planking. However our other objections were over-ruled so we will be getting a large, rather industrial-looking building on the derelict bowling green site, not on the existing changing room site, and a very large fenced and illuminated artificial grass pitch bang in the middle of the open field.

We have put together the collection of documents as a record of this process, and this article will replace earlier articles so that following the sequence is much easier for anyone who wants to.

The Planning Application (Planning Permission for the Sports Hall and Pitches Re-landscaping, 4th December 2015)
Sports Development: Meet on site 10am 19th December
The Friends’ Response to the Planning Application (23rd December 2015)
The Planning Officer’s Report to the Planning Committee, and site plan
The Friends’ letters to the members of the Planning Committee
Extracts from correspondence between the West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society and the Planning Officer
The Friends’ subsequent letter to the Planning Officer
The Addendum Report to the Planning Committee
The Planning Committee’s Decision document

James Wisdom
25th January 2016