The return of Lovebox and Citadel

The CIC has agreed to the Lovebox and Citadel festivals returning to the same area of the park as last year. The events will be on the 12th, 13th and 14th of July.

Yesterday’s notice from Ealing Events reports that several key aspects will be changed in the light of feedback from residents, statutory authorities and other stakeholders, and refers to better management of the pedestrian access to and from the park, and improving the parking arrangements and managing the traffic. It promises other changes, with details later. It also promises an enhanced programme of consultations with residents.

Last year they brushed aside the fears of the local residents on the grounds they were highly experienced organisers, then afterwards made a series of abject apologies for the distress they created around the Park (see Lovebox – The Apology). If they are truly listening this year, the consultation meetings will be important. We will circulate the dates when we have them.