Sci-fi exhibition “Set to Stun” 20 Oct 2023 to 2 June 2024

A remarkable free exhibition has just opened at Gunnersbury Park Museum celebrating sci-fi film and television production in west London from the 1960s onwards. The museum team has not only collected and borrowed some astonishing costumes and props but they have also drawn in artisans, artists, model-makers and crafts people who have shared their memories and experience – some have even helped build the show.

Ingeniously the exhibition extends from the special exhibition gallery on the ground floor into almost every part of the building! So locally made products are now included in the Industry gallery, the sitting room shelves in the Home gallery have been taken over by Dr Who annuals and toys, and so on. Visitors are provided with a plan of how to find everything which is available online and there are things to do as well as view. The website shows details of family activities and events for adults