Gunnersbury’s Audience Development Plan

The Friends have been asked for help by Culture Syndicates, who have been commissioned by the Gunnersbury CIC to undertake research to support the preparation of a new audience development plan. The plan will help the staff team in identifying what they offer to visitors in future. They need to submit their report fairly soon and would welcome responses to the questions below as soon as possible – these are very simple questions which give respondents plenty of scope to outline their views!

  • What would you like to see at Gunnersbury Park and Museum in the future?
  • Are there particular themes or subjects that would attract you to the whole site more?
  • What kind of events would make you visit the site more?
  • What kinds of events and¬†activities do you think would attract a wider variety of audiences to the site?

Please email your response to Hollie Davison, their Head of Projects, on