Gunnersbury Park Museum: National Archaeology Festival, July 2009

Friday 17 July  “Just Divine”

Keith Harmon, Chairman of the Middlesex & Surrey Archaeological Dowsers will speak at 2.30pm and 7pm (the same talk each time). Admission £2 at the door

Come and find out about the technique of dowsing for archaeological sites before watching the dowsing team in action in the Park the next day. Every member of the audience will be a given a dowsing rod so that they may have a chance to try it out for themselves.

Saturday 18 July  Dowsing in the Park

Members of the Middlesex and Surrey Archaeological Dowsers will be working behind the Large Mansion (the Museum) between 10am  and 4pm. They will be dowsing in search of the sites of the mediaeval and 17th century houses and an ice house at Gunnersbury.

Visitors to the Park are welcome to watch them in action. No charge for this event.