Friends’ Evidence at the Chiswick Curve Inquiry

The last four days of the public inquiry into the Chiswick Curve will be from Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th June, at the Brentford Free Church, Boston Manor Rd. You can find full details on the inquiry web site

The Friends gave evidence on Thursday 21st June. The “proof of evidence” submitted by the Friends can be found here. The appendices of letters and photographs can be found here.

We made the point that the towers (tallest would be 32 storeys) would be very visually intrusive in the Park. As visitors move around the park, it would appear and reappear, looming up and dominating the view beyond the perimeter. The same applies at night – illuminated apartments and the very bright advertising screens at the lower levels. For the residents of the Curve, Gunnersbury will be their back garden. Families especially will need to get out from their towers. In fact, we have calculated that there are about 2,500 apartments in the various developments near to Gunnersbury which will have the park as their nearest open space. What a shame, then, that it will be blighted by this huge tower.

And it is huge. If you stand on the Terrace at Gunnersbury, looking down the lawns, you are 20 metres above sea level (AOD). The top of the Curve, right in front of you, will be 100 metres higher!

We also discussed these historic views in detail – you can see the significant maps and a fuller account in the proof of evidence. We thought it especially unfortunate that around £20m has just been spent on Gunnersbury (of which c. £4.8m is on the restoration of the historic landscape and structures) and now this huge tower may be plonked right in the main line of sight.

Experts on all the elements of planning have submitted masses of evidence (the boxes all over the inquiry room were overflowing) and the inspector has to convert this into an advisory report to the Secretary of State for a final decision.

James Wisdom, 21st June 2018