English Heritage announces Risk Register for 2009

English Heritage has announced its Register of Buildings, Monuments and Parks at Risk. Nine Listed structures at Gunnersbury are included. The entire park is also on the Register and described as “deteriorating” and having “extensive significant problems”. The two local authorities which own the estate have a statutory duty to protect the Listed Buildings in their care and have failed to do this for some decades.

It is because of the combination of a number of important structures with a significant landscape at Gunnersbury that English Heritage has provided funding towards the cost of the Options Appraisal recently undertaken. It has also contributed towards the cost of the scaffolding recently added over the Stable Block, where the roof has had to be removed to prevent it from pushing the walls over.

Full details are available on the English Heritage web-site at this address:


Put “Gunnersbury Park” into the search box and the Risk Register will come up.