A Drive-In Cinema at Gunnersbury?

The CIC has informed us that it is having discussions (through Event Umbrella, their events team) with The Luna Cinema to run a drive-in cinema from 19th August until 8th September.

Their plans are to offer two screenings each evening (at 6pm and 9pm) with everyone leaving and the site closing by 11.30. There will also be a 3 pm screening on Fridays to Sundays. Up to 200 cars will enter via the Pope’s Lane / Lionel Road entrance and drive down to what they are calling the south-west playing fields. Food and drink will be delivered to the car and there will be toilets on the site. The programme of films has not yet been decided, but they are promising a mix of films for all interests.

Luna Cinema is a cluster of companies based in Kent which have been running similar events at various venues since 2012. They have a programme of screenings at venues in the South East this summer – Chiswick House in August, and at Hampton Court, Greenwich, Blenheim Palace, Guildford Cathedral etc. These are open air events where (because of Covid-19) the seating is arranged for social distancing. At Gunnersbury they seem to be experimenting with the safest approach of a full drive-in experience, staying in the car, not sitting on the grass – so try not to park behind a van! Drive-in makes the events less weather-affected, but unfortunately this area is the softest, most damp land in the park.

This proposal is in its early stage and is still subject to contract, planning, licensing and social distancing regulations. If successful, people will enjoy it and it might help to alleviate the CIC’s desperate financial situation.