Thames Luminaries – historical talks Jan & Feb 2021

If you have enjoyed exploring the restored historic gardens at Gunnersbury you may be interested in this forthcoming series of short talks on nearby historic gardens and their owners along the Thames valley, including Hogarth’s House, Chiswick House and Boston Manor House. The talks are free but a £5 donation is recommended, with proceeds being split equally between the participating houses. You can also book all 9 talks for £25 online. (Now that the talks are over the web link for bookings has been removed)

The Thames brought commerce and wealth to what is now South and West London, attracting royalty, aristocrats, artists, writers and wealthy property owners. The legacy of these luminaries is an area exceptionally rich in historic buildings, gardens and landscapes. Pope’s Grotto Preservation Trust and English Heritage’s Marble Hill organised the series of virtual talks over three weeks beginning on Wednesday 27 January. Experts will each explore, explain and offer insight into a luminary, their landscape or garden and property.

The talks will be delivered using Zoom. Each talk will start at 7 pm and last for approximately 20 minutes with time being allowed for questions and answers at the end. Events will end by 8 pm.